Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'....

Yep. I have that little diddy in my head. And let me just say that I have been officially disoriented during this week of Orientation at Naropa. It has been a beautiful few days though and meeting my fellow cohort for the first day was indeed "moving." I begin classes next week folks, and I'm most excited.

We are still on the search for an abode to place our hearts and precious material possessions...and all I have to say is that Boulder is NOT a cheap place to live. So, we have ventured to other neighboring cities and cutest towns ever, but alas, still haven't found that "oh-so-right" place to put our hats. So, we are searching, searching, and searching...

To catch those of you reading this wee blog, yes, I did watch The Jazz Singer....and oh, how Mr. Diamond shows off those acting's pretty hilarious. But I did just see a beautiful Italian movie: Bread and Tulips. For those of you of the female species like myself, I HIGHLY recommend this movie..especially for those of you MAMAS!! Go see this and get it! I got a copy at the local library, I'm sure you can find one too!

So....get of my time here to come....Happy Day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Monday...

How are you, dear internets? So, this time, next week I begin my orientation week at Naropa. I'm pretty excited. I'm ready, I think. ;) Last night, I finally watched Black Orpheus. A beautiful movie. I have been in love with Brazil and all that is Brazilian since I was in college. Mostly due to my love for Antonio Carlos Jobim, Samba music, and the language of Portuguese. Folks, this movie is subtitled and I hope you watch it. Besides the bad link of studio voices to mouths moving on screen, it's the tragic love story that I'm sure you have heard. But go rent this! You'll enjoy it. Tonight: I'll either watch "The Jazz Singer" or "All that Jazz." Yes. I love Neil Diamond and I love Bob Fosse. So, I'll let you know what I think, my critique of sorts....Happy Day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You miss me, You really miss me?!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I've been away for so long. But so much is happening. And so much that I'm getting used to. Things are good for the moment. Although space is a little tight and uncomfortable at times staying with my in-laws, I am just grateful for a roof over my head and food on the table. I have so many photos to share with you all, but I'm using a different system and unfortunately, cannot upload any photos. But don't worry, once we find our own "wee" pad of living, I'll share all that I can with you.

I have never seen the mountains of Colorado look so beautiful. I have spent many moons here, believe me..and maybe it's just the fact that when I was here for a visit, I was in fast-forward-so-much-to-take-in-at-one-time. But the fact that we've hiked a few times since I've been here, it is so breathtaking. Miles and miles of endless sky. Peaks of rough terrain. The cutest chipmunks ever and the smell of pine that penetrates your pores. Hawks circling over head. I love the mountains. I just can't get my eyes off of them and as of now, am in no way shape or form tired of them folks, no not me. I can't wait to go hiking alone! Yes, alone! I am so happy to be here and wish you could see what I am seeing...soon, i'll show you some of what I'm seeing.

I have been applying for work, for grad studies isn't starting for another 2 weeks or so. I have been recently hired as a Yoga teacher at the NewAmerica School, but have had to decline the job. :( It is a bit of a drive and the fact that I'm in a new place with no idea what my schedule is going to look like, well, it's not the best decision for now. I do hope they'll keep me in mind for the future though, it's such a wonderful school. In more Yoga news, I have an audition at Om Time, a wonderful and beautiful studio in "downtown" Boulder and have been asked to help coordinate their Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga classes. I'm pretty excited about that. And the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department which is AMAZING not only wants me to teach Hatha Yoga, but also Parent/Child and Kiddo Yoga! Woo hoo! Fun fun! So you see, so many things are happening for me folks and it's all good. Not to mention that my husband, yes, my Yoga instructor/musician husband, mr. jack of all trades, will be singing telegrams!!!! haaaaaaaaa....i think it's hilarious but he does have a great voice. And yes, he'll be teaching Yoga too.

On the kiddo front, well, little man is doing incredibly well. A few rough moments of "I wanna go back to Austin," but for the most part, he's doing great during this time of transition. We have found a preschool for him folks!! And for those of you who aren't parents yet, well, this is a HUGE thing! We went to visit the most beautiful school today and I just about cried when I had a moment of "Oh my God, my child, my little child, is no longer little, he's growing and he's getting older." I think it was a moment of my heart breaking a little in knowing that my son is about to embark in a world that will immerse him with not only an education, but with long lasting friendships, and stories of his days..not to mention, crafts he'll bring home, mornings where I'll have to drop him off before I get to class and afternoons where I'll have to pick him up. The rigamaroll of preschool! And I just can't believe it. It's all happening so quickly and so rapidly. But he needs it. I need it. It's time for Mama to let go. And for those of you Mamas out there, was it this heart-wrenching for you? I wish I could just hold on a little bit longer, but my chick has his feathers and is learning to fly.

Last but not least, something exciting. I saw these folks this evening and am so glad to begin a process of newness in this world. A rejuvenation of sorts...with my culture. And it's amazing. And it's beautiful. "Being here with us, will open doors..." And it has dear friends, already, it has.

So you see, so much that is new. And between moments of crocheting this, making that, I finally close my eyes and say, "Here I am. I welcome all of it."