Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm performing! If you are in the area, please come see this amazing work. I am delighted to be a part of it and feel this opportunity is not only unique, but in a way, it also helps me understand what my father was protesting against as well. Visit this link for more information:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, many a things have been happening around these parts. First of all, I'm in the process of applying for several internships for my final year as I pursue my MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology. Second, I just finished the 13th Annual Somatic Arts Concert where I presented two works. One featured this song. It was quite extrordinary finding an arranger for this tune especially after one quit, and getting members of this choir to sing it. Well, with 6 dancers on stage in dresses of every color, mine a teal blue, we did it! In matter of fact, the song was sung by hubby while he played acoutic guitar. I'm so proud!

On top of all that beauty, I collaborated with two other women in a work that featured this artist. It was quite an emotional process, a creative process of balancing the acculturated and the reptilian. The part of each and every one of us that can just snap at any moment....well, it was quite emotional, quite tiring. Yet with it all, it was stunning and beautiful. I think I shocked myself most of all just exposing that particular side of myself to an audience. It was rough, yet in a soothing way. Anyways, we are awaiting the video of the production...I'm nervous to watch it.

Most recently, I auditioned for this wonderful choreographer. Guess what, I GOT IN!!! There were over 60 dancers and only 25 to 30 were chosen. I just received the message today that I'm an in and it's pretty exciting. The work that you just saw is the one that I will be performing in. This is not the first time I have worked with this choreographer, it occurred in 1998, here. Anyways, I'm just feeling so inspired creatively and being chosen for this work inspires not only who I am as an artist, but as a breathing somebody on this planet.

With all of that, hubby and son are beautiful and well. It's almost Valentine's and I'm about to make some of these. I'm excited and hungry to eat them!!! Well, lovelies, hope all is well with you and may your creative juices continue to flow....

Finally, take a listen, I'm in love with her voice, her sound. Hope you like her too.