Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm starting to feel...

A little sad. We have had some rather difficult times here in Austin, but we've made some beautiful memories too. I think little man is starting to feel the change upon us and well, I guess that'll happen when you explain to him that we're going to be moving. And the fact that our place has boxes upon boxes that are about to be filled with our material possessions and our memories of our time here. Austin has always been a very endearing place for me. And I do hope to return one day.

On a brighter note, I found these interesting things in our front garden today. Glass, I guess that's not so great. Rusted old nail, a 1976 dime, and a very rusted and faded out penny, I think. I still very much enjoy finding old things. I had a dream to be an Archeologist once, a female Indiana Jones, yet a little more subdued and not as sweaty. But for the most part, I wanted to be one. And it all started by finding an Indian arrowhead with my father at our ranch. I miss those days.

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I just love Solans photo... how "tranquilo" /quiet:D

a hug rom here to there!