Tuesday, February 6, 2007

La dee da..I'm a wierdo...

So, I found this via Floresita...and i thought I'd let you know of my wierdness. Here goes:

1. I hate having closet doors open in my bedrooms at night. We have 2. My husband has one, I the other. and there's a tendency for his door to be open at night. It kinda freaks me out. So, I close it, right away.

2. Refer to #1...actually, I have to close all the doors to the empty rooms (2nd/3rd bedroom and bathroom, etc.) when I'm sleeping. Just have to do it, or I don't feel right?!

3. After washing my hands after using the facilities in a public restroom, I almost never open the door with my bare hands. I'll either wait for someone else or get a paper towel to do it.

4. In the morning, I have to open at least one window blind/curtain in every room to let the light in. I feel awful when the whole place is dark and "covered."

5. At night, I have to have the sheets all the way up to my chin. Yes, all the way up. Sometimes, only my face will show, like an eskimo.

6. I sometimes feel wierd using public phones. Like something is going to jump out of the receiver. So, I just wait till I get home. And I don't have a cell phone.

7. I have to have a banana EVERY morning. When I don't, I feel just awful.

8. I always wash my hands BEFORE I handwash the dirty dishes. Yes, before.

9. When paying, I always make sure my bills are facing the same direction. With the highest value on top and then all others in decreasing value.

10. I always pick up pennies. But get a little wierded out when the "tail is up."

Okay, you've been tagged. Are you a wierdo too? Probably...

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Zelia E said...

Yes! you are a wierdo:)

Are those your dancing feet?????