Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's a jungle out there...

Can you believe these beauties?! We had some wild winds and a very brief period of hard rain this morning. And once the rain stopped, we went outside. And these snails are what greeted us. I love them. I always remember playing with earthworms when i was young, but i haven't seen any. But these guys, well, they are so wild looking and almost ugly.

After gazing at the snails, we headed downtown to a local coffee shop for chai and coffee. Then, off to the Suter nature preserve. This is what we saw:

There were so many lizards sunbathing. And Solan loved chasing them into the grass. He and Aaron even did some Yoga. And just when you think, that you've been so active with your kid that he's gonna take a nap...well, ha! Nope. No a bit of a wild day.

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A Nap!? Ha! You've gotta be kidding... he wants to DO everything but sleep and even has time to make his mama go nuts (more....) ha!

Rafa loves snails... sometimes i find them in his bed - YUCK!