Wednesday, April 4, 2007

When I was little...

I did a whole lot of things. I was an outdoorsy kinda gal, a little tomboy who loved to fish and walk around at our ranch. I fed cows by my hand, watched my Dad skin some deer, rattlesnake, and javelina (wild pig.) And now, I miss those days. But I look forward to showing Solan how to appreciate wildlife, without killing. That's exactly what we did yesterday. We ventured to a local wildlife refuge that contains migratory birds like terns, pelicans, and pipers. We saw lizards sunbathing and even fed some ducks and turtles. It was fun! Not to mention a goose hissing at Solan and then pooping about 10 inches from his shoe...guess that was his goose-way communication to say get away from me. We did. But today, Solan can't stop saying, "WE SAW A GOOSE DOO-DOO!!" Kinda funny.

Today, was supposed to have been a beach day for us. But instead, we are inside because of the rain. I do love the being at the beach when it rains, but it's not the safest especially when there is a thunderstorm. So hopefully tomorrow, we'll venture to the Padre Island. I'm looking forward to it and I'll have pics to share.

Yes, that' s me with my Dad. I miss him, so.

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Oh My! i just love your hat!