Monday, May 28, 2007

Wanna whole lotta love...

"you need coolin'
baby i'm not foolin'
i'm gonna send you back to schoolin..."

So, it has been feeling a bit like the late 70s over here..and look at Robert Plant's tight pants!! Woo!! How could he breathe in those things?! I never realized how large Jimmy Page's hands were till I saw him in this flick. Holy cow?! Those things are monstrous?! haaaaaaaaaa....I only caught a bit of the movie, but I have always been a Led Zep fan. Always. And maybe that goes to show you that the long hair guys are really not that bad..just a bit loud with their geetars!!

Classes start tomorrow... That's right, school. Not grad studies, but I'm taking some undergrad prerequisite courses for my MA program at Naropa. So, full schedule of Psych we go.

Things are a changin'. And I'm feeling a little sad about it. I won't be a full-time SAHM much longer. Reading to little man tonight brought a few tears to my eyes...mostly due to the fact that my entire world is about to change.

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