Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This is how I feel today...forever Jung

Just like my head is getting s-q-u-i-s-h-e-d to pieces. My nieces are clear examples of exactly what it feels like.

Can I just say one thing: are my nieces reflecting behaviors from their own environments? Or are they simply acting out due to penis envy? Or is one about to be rewarded through positive or negative reinforcement? Yes, these answers are found in my head...right now, as I'm typing. And yes, it's all Psychology..and yes, Freud was a wierdo. I prefer Jung.

Let's just hope that when I'm out there helping clients better themselves and helping them understand that the essence of their disorders are due to their environments and not hereditary traits, well, I hope I can just look back and laugh a little.




You are really into this stuff:D
And i love your nieces:)
so lovely!

FrancisO'Yeah!!! said...

Uhmm.. I think they are just being babies.

I gonna fold my laundry now.

mamaherself said...

Haaaaaaaaaa....yes, the are being bebes.