Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm back but the countdown begins...

14 days. I feel like things have been a bit strange for me most recently. I almost feel like I was in this bubble..this studying bubble and head-in-the-books kind of bubble. Really, people. I'm not smart. I'm booksmart. And I was just telling a friend this...I wish I had studied this hard for my undergrad courses. I am a bit excited to see what lies ahead via my Grad program. And a bit nervous too. I just hope we find a nice place to live and I still dream of the place where we were in Austin. And speaking of Austin, I'm gonna miss that place. I always thought that I'd live there for the rest of my life and who knows, maybe one day I'll be back. It felt like home to me. But as they say, home is where your heart is and my heart will be in Boulder.

I think I have a summertime soundtrack for myself. This one. I have so many songs in my head and so many lyrics on my tongue. I wish I had caught her show in Boulder most recently yet it was sold out. One day I'll see her, yes, one day. I forgot about this chica though. I did see her in Austin and have her most recent album in silly of me. I wonder how the music seen is in Boulder. It was pretty spectacular in Chicago..pretty great in Austin and now, Boulder, you'll just have to prove your worthiness.

More things to share, soon.

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shannon said...

Wait, I'm really confuse now. Boulder??? I have to go back and read all your previous posts I've missed while travelling.

You deserve the best and congrats on doing so well on your finals.