Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In the thick of it....

And all I can say is that I WANT TO CRAFT! It's been a heavy week. Full of reading and such most of the material is pretty fascinating, but man, there's a lot to read. And I have come to a realization that I need glasses. The entire "fuzzy" appearance of words is not good, folks...not at all. It mostly happens after I've been reading for a while, maybe it's just that I'm tired, but still, it's bothering me, so I should be a good and get them looked at...mis ojos! What else do I have to share with you? Well, lots...and the one thing or shall I say "fact" that I found out today is this:

Women have larger Corpus Callosum.

I think we should all do a happy dance in celebration.

Happy Dancing!

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theflyingmum said...

Well, that explains a LOT!