Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May Day!!!

And it's SNOWING...SNOWING for goodness sake, SNOWING!!! ARGH MATIE!!! Why oh why oh why is it STILL snowing?! Well, at least we know the grass will be greener and the trees will be more lush. But, still...IT'S SNOWING!!!


Laura said...

How much did you end up with in Louisville? I think we got maybe 1/2 inch but it's mostly melted off and now, we just have a dusting. I kind of like the contrast between the pink blossoms on some of our trees, the grass and the snow.

I remember a snow storm on Memorial Day one year. I was trying to move through the mountains and it was horrible!


oh man!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Snow in May!!!

We're lucky if we get any snow here in Bedford, UK it's usually slushie stuff.

Either that or we get loads over night and then it's half melted by the time morning comes!