Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boozle bear...

HAEvent - 23
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At this moment during the conference, Solan had the great opportunity to stuff his own Boozle Bear. The Hydrocephalus Association has come up with these beautiful creatures as an educational tool for children and grown-ups to gain awareness about Hydrocephalus. Boozle has a shunt and it can be easily removed and ready for surgical implantation...on the bear, of course! It's wonderful!! Solan lovingly calls him Goo-Goo bear and talks about Hydrocephalus to just about everyone. It's quite surprising. Today, we saw Dr. Handler, our neurosurgeon, for his yearly checkup...of course, Goo-Goo bear was with us and he was quite excited to talk about Goo-Goo's shunt. Dr. Handler was amused especially when Solan mentioned the lateral ventricles. :) As far as the checkup, well, all is wonderful in the land of his brain! We are needing to get some CT scans of his brain in the next couple of weeks, but thank goodness for new technology because he won't have to go under!! Woo-hoo! Thanks Boozle bear, we love you!!


Laura said...

I saw one of those bears on the HA website and wanted to order one for Cara, now, I just might! I'm glad that you had a good visit with Dr. Handler. We may be switching to him because I haven't been impressed with Dr. Winston's bedside manner--at all! We need to get together soon, let's plan something. :)


Lets see the bear all stuffed up:)

Sonja said...

we love you all...solan, you take good care of that bear!, and vidya, you and aaron just keep taking such good care of solan. all of you are so lucky to have each other!

we miss you all! call if you ever have a second.

sonja, clay and olive