Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Gonna take a ride into the DANGER ZONE...."

Maverick: "Too close for missles. I'm switching to guns."

"I feel the need...

the need...


Saturday fun! Can't you hear the
Top Gun song in your head? Or do you imagine Tom Cruise in his bomber jacket and naval shades? Well, I certainly did!!

What a spectacular day we had!!! It was so beautiful heading to the Air show at the Naval Air Base. I knew we'd have fun, but I had no idea how incredible it was. For years and years, my parents, especially my Father, would take us to the Air see the Blue Angels. So loud are those jets!! And I had his earplugs in my pocket but forgot all about them?!

The most fun we had was getting on some of the planes that were on the flight deck. Naval student jets, planes, and of course, the Army Depot helicopter. Ha! So we got on the Naval student jet... Solan in Captains chair, me in co-captain, and of course, Solan couldn't get those wee hands off all those tiny knobs and dials. The Naval guys were behind me, so I made sure to ask if it was okay for him to play with everything. Sure enough, one said, yes, I think so, but let me go check on something. He went down to ask his officer if the battery was disconnected?!!! Haaaaaa and OMG!?! He came back and said, "Yes, that it was fine, just needed to make sure that he wouldn't turn on the plane." Holy cow! So, thank God, because with me in the co-captain's chair, heading down the runway, that would have been a sight to see!

It was quite and adventurous day and by the time the Blue Angels got on deck..well, Solan says, "Mama? Can we go home?" So, we did. And it was an incredible day!! And the q and a of the day was:

Question: "Son, would you like to be a pilot some day?"
Answer: "Yes, I wanna be a pilot some day."

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