Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am happy. For the first time, in quite a while. For noticing how special these two are in my life. I have had a very tough time finding answers within myself, which in turn, has lead to me answering those questions in ways that have harmed myself. And if you have read my other blog, you have read some of those tough moments. I have this feeling of love and excitement, especially when I look at my husband. They are feelings that I can't explain or pinpoint. And God knows how difficult these past months have been for us. I figure that no matter if you're married, dating, or single, you'll always find that Love within you. But when it is also right under your nose, when you can see that Love in those that are closest to you, it makes life and all of its silly struggles just that much more easy to bear.
You are the sunshine of my Life, the both of you.
I love you.

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I am so happy for you, my dear friend:)
Such a lovely post!