Friday, April 6, 2007

It's almost...

EASTER!! And I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend. These are old photos of the Montoya side of my family, my Mother's side. This is an old photo of me and my Grandma Montoya and Tia Sylvia. Grandma M. is no longer with us and truthfully, I wish I remembered more of her...she passed away when I was 3 or so. But this photo says it all. Easter egg hunts at the ranch, with barbeque and family. I do remember it being so hot and how tired I was after a full day of romping in cow poop and eating loads of candy. I'm hoping to spend as much time outdoors and in the sun. Sunday will be full of candy sweets, Easter egg hunts, and cascarones-confetti eggs. I'll post pics of our adventures. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and that your time is spent with your friends and loved ones. Happy Easter, everyone!!

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I just love these old photos... they are great!

Love the cowboy hat... hahahaha