Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm here...

So, this week is my 2nd week at Naropa. And all is good. There are moments where I feel uncertain of my presence there, if it's the right program, you know, those internal conversations that you have with yourself during quiet moments, ya those. It can be emotionally draining, yet always fun. And I'm even enjoying Clinical Neuroscience....pretty fascinating stuff. It's just that there is this aire of wisdom there that scares me at times. Where every single person seems so much wiser....this knowledge you can smell almost. And maybe it's just because this is the most passionate side of who I am...it's the place where my fears meet my joys. Where my joys meet my uncertainties about who I am in this world and who I will be. And I think about my future as a psychotherapist and I think about my father. How I miss him.... I think I can hold a great space as a psychotherapist, but there is so much that I don't know and here, right now, I'm learning it folks...and it all feels good. I have this song in my head... And I apologize for no photos...but just be patient a bit more friends..okay?



ok... i will wait:(

I will mail you some postcards this week;)

Lisa PN said...

So long ago, you mailed me a postcard and i was crazy busy in producing mode and only now am i getting back to the world of gratitude and blogging and creating. And i just wanted to say thank you and goodluck on what seems to be such a blessed, scary, and most wonderful time for you!

It would be great to mail you a few postcards as i have a few around, if you are interested please do let me know what your address is.


aka catgirl from swapbot

Gisele Schoene said...

You are a lucky woman, to seek knowledge, to be among wise people and to question yourself. I think you are very wise yourself! Have fun!

Bureau of Print Research and Design said...

Every time I dabble in Clinical Neuroscience, I end up with a bar tab that is out of control.

I sure you will be fine.