Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mr. Tree Man, help me?!

Mr. Tree Man
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After a morning of Tassajara pancakes, we went for a mid-morning stroll around our neighborhood, downtown Louisville, to Leah's house, to the library, and back home. The boys are reading new books and I well, am Procrastinating. But here, the camera is back, so photos to share.

Yes, folks... Procrastination! It's what I have right now. It's with a capital P and mostly because this week I have 3 papers due. You know, no one told me grad school would be easy, but c'mon, 3 in one week?! Argh! I'll do it, I will. I mean I have to, right? And I'll do it and then I'll be done. Finished. And all will be fine. Right?


Sonja said...

oh my god! i just looked at all your photos...i have a lump in my throat! i miss you all...and solan is the cutest thing ever and I MISS HIM! i wish we were all together watching these kiddos grow (except for olive doesn't like boys right now...but she forgets the "no boys allowed" rule pretty frequently). good luck with the papers!


:D you'll do it friend!