Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I know exactly what I am going to post. You know, words that arrive from thoughts about something, anything, really. And sometimes it works out great and others, well, it's a medium range of okayness. Some posts have pics of my life, of my going-ons, and other posts, well, they are just these. So what I'm going to type, is about how I'm feeling, at this very moment. Get ready, here it comes:

I feel like my heart is floating somewhere deep in my body and not where it normally is. Maybe it's from a day of meditating with full awareness of my breath, with thoughts running around like animals looking for a home. Or maybe it's because I was so moved by my Prenatal Yoga class and the Mamas in it. Oh the mamas, how I love them so and every time I begin my class, I feel so at home, at peace, with my mamahood. Maybe it's the feeling of spring in the air that leaves my heart floating somewhere outside my body. Even as graceful chunks of snow landed on my hands today, I can feel spring. Maybe my heart is a flutter because I am so moved while watching dear hubby sleep peacefully on the couch, from a long day at work, and perplexed by the changes in our lives. Maybe it's because my moon cycle is in full swing and I'm sitting with the fact that right now, I'm all woman.

Whatever it is, I'm feeling it. Like nothing else. Something pulling at my heart, my thoughts, and all I can think of is how my heart has a mind...sitting there in stillness, in awe of the rawness of life, facing fear like a warrior, and knowing that this life of mine is a journey to the depths of who I am.


Sonja said...

i love to read your blog because i miss you and this is the only way i know how you all are doing. when you get the chance, call again (as i lost your number)...our # is 512-323-2393 lots of love to you all!

Mamameo said...

Yes, I'm gonna call Sonja! I just gotta churn out some work before I do! I miss you too!