Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big boy...

Big boy...
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And as I type this entry, I was in labor with him.

I felt so connected to you, do you remember?
I would talk to you during those long hours and tell you that it's safe
to come down.
To arrive in this world, it's okay.
I went on a long nature walk, crossing boulders, and taking wide, gigantic steps with you...
so you would feel the room for descent. Your daddy would grab my hand and would make sure that I wouldn't fall.
Even when my head and eyes became dark with medicinal herbs, I felt safe.
I knew you were too. Stars and darkness arrived as if I was being told that the hour is soon.
And it was...
You were born, with eyes wide, with curiousity in your hands,
and I cried. I still do when I think about these moments.
Those moments I remember like yesterday. I won't forget them.

Happy Birthday, Solan! We love, love, love, you.


Laura said...

Oh, what a very precious tribute! We are so glad that we could share Solan's birthday today. He is such of a sweet boy!

Again, Happy Birthday Solan!