Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saw the wandrin' eye- inside my heart
Shouts and battle cries- from ev'ry part
I can see those tears- ev'ry one is true
When the door appears- I'll go right through

I stand in liquid light- like ev'ryone
I built my life with rhymes- to carry on
And it gives me hope- to see you there
The things I used to know- that one fine

One fine day...One fine day

In a small dark room- where I will wait
Face to face I find- I contemplate
Even though a man- is made of clay
Ev'rything can change- one fine

One Fine Day...

Then before my eyes- Is standing still
I beheld it there- a city on a hill
I complete my tasks- one by one
I remove my masks- when I am done

Then a piece of mind- fell over me
In these troubled times- I still can see
We can use the stars – to guide the way
It is not that far- one fine….

One fine day...
One fine day...



This song has been playing over and over in my head, in my heart. I feel that it speaks to what's going on and I have to admit, it represents much of what is happening in my internal state. We saw David Byrne in concert not too long ago...I realized that I didn't tell you much about it. I was in an ecstatic state...I couldn't sit down, I couldn't stop moving. He speaks to so much that is a part of our lives and he isn't afraid to share his personal self in front of hundreds. What made this such a memorable night, was the fact that I was not just witnessing a musician and his band in concert....I was witnessing a on stage. And yes, there were dancers. It was incredible. I felt like I was witnessing a process that is his own and he OWNED it. When I hear David Byrne, movement comes to mind. I see patterns of movement with several on stage. I can't help it. If you haven't heard any of his music, well, you should take a listen. Look him up. He's not your average musician and his odd quirkiness is something that is quite appealing to me. He rides a bike to his own performances. A bike. How great is that? Anyways, I want you to listen to this song One Fine Day and I hope that you'll be moved by it as much as I am.

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